Olympic Diaries

A documentary about 3 people set during the Athens 2004 Games

During the Games, the camera follows three people: a journalist, a Greek-American volunteer and a poet with a practical craft. The video captures each of their experience of the Games and shows a transformed Athens.

Olympic Diaries also revisits the city 8 months after the Games asking what will last from the experience


Directed, Shot and Edited by Angelike Contis

Music by Jez Bentley

Duration: 45:00

Language: English and Greek

Date: 2005

"Fair Play" Award - 1st Cyprus International Film Festival (Mar 24-27, 2006) Honorable Mention - Lisbon Sports Film Festival 2006 (Apr 2006)

Director's statement:

For a few days back in 2004, all eyes were on Athens. But while most of them were offering an outsider's look at the cities, or canned presentations of the sports, we wanted to present the city's moment of glory from the point of view of an insider. The excitement and great sense of expectation - but also the transition from the Olympic dream to the Olympic reality was evident everywhere we looked. As time passes, we hope this will become an important time capsule for future generations to experience Athens in 2004.