Though the tone is light, the tales of eight adopted stray dogs are full of drama and duress.

Zappy grew up amongst ancient ruins. Frangos was thrown out with the trash. Liza didn't know the word "fetch". Today, Mozart is obsessed with chasing balls, while Ivan prefers cars. Ari has three legs, but plenty of barks to go around. Gamine, a jittery young mother is learning to relax, while Merenga has a flair for dance.

Together, these stories - which often include the dog's point-of-view - shed light on Athens' thousands of less lucky canines.

Directed, shot & edited byAngelike Contis

Music composed byJez Bentley

NarratorGeorge Gilson

Voices of Dogs: Dinos Papazahos, Christy Papadopoulou, Alexia Amvrazi, Paris Agiomamitis, Sandrine Cheyrol

Duration: 15:00

Language: English

Date: 2006

Director's statement:

Each stray dog has its own dramatic story. I decided to record those of my own dog and my friends' dogs. I enjoyed keeping the camera low - to take on their perspective of the world.

We wanted to use humor to provide an angle on a very serious issue - that of the many stray dogs in Attica who have a rough life on the streets.



Muttumentary in the Greek Press: