Lost and Found in the Flood: Richmond, A Year After Irene

An hour long documentary made for MMCTV chronicalling the flooding in Richmond, Vermont during Tropical Storm Irene in August of 2011. The film features interviews with some 30 residents and local officials.


Directed and Edited by Angelike Contis

Videography by Jim Hering

Additional Videography by Ruth Miller and A. Contis

Music by Jez Bentley

Duration: 61:24

Language: English

Date: 2012

Director's statement:

MMCTV wanted to gather in one place the experience and the photos/videos of people affected by this natural disaster. This was our attempt to tell the story of a town through a kaleidoscope of perspectives and materials. It's at once very local and wide-reaching in its tale.


  • W. Monitor Barn, Richmond (Sept. 2012)
  • Richmond Free Library (Nov. 2012)
  • Aired on MMCTV and public access TV stations throughout Vermont